Build a network of peers

當作者跟越來越多staff-plus的人討論職涯建議 一個最常聽到的建議就是建立跟你工作性質接近的network 雖然不是所有人都給這個建議 但有給這個建議的人 通常都把這個建議當成最強烈的建議


What’s been most impactful for me is having a lot of people who I think of as mentors, usually friends, former managers, and folks that I’ve worked with. I have a decent number of recurring monthly lunches, coffee chats, and dinners with people who’ve worked with me in the past, know me, and I trust. It’s those conversations about career challenges and growth that have gotten me to where I am in my career. - Ritu Vincent

The thing that springs to mind is to find your peers or support network. Just like management, it gets lonely the higher up you go, and it’s important to find peers that will still challenge you, and you can brainstorm ideas with. It doesn’t even matter if they’re in your similar area of work or even are in different companies. - Keavy McMinn

It’s also been really valuable for me to cultivate a good personal network of other senior engineers. I chat with them informally about whatever it is that we’re working on and thinking about. When you have personal connections, you can get very unvarnished views of the problems people are seeing and the solutions they’re considering. - Nelson Elhage

大家都知道你應該需要build a network 但很多人其實不知道該怎麼做到 有兩個建議給你

1.Being esay to find

2.Networking internally

Be visible

其實職場對於Staff-plus的人中 很多人都很想build network 一個有效的方法就是參與對於senior-plus的職位的討論

比如說What a Senior Staff Software Engineer Actually Does 或是Thriving on the Technical Leadership Path

每個人都帶來了一些很有價值的觀點 而且永遠有你可以發表你的觀點的空間

如果你不喜歡寫作 也可以參加conference 或是創立一個twitter帳號 讓你的想法被聽到

internal networks, too

別忘了 你公司內部的networking也很重要 這些都很有機會讓你的day to day work更加順利輕鬆 長久來說 這些你在公司內部建立的network 他們會去別的公司 到時候就可以為你鋪路


Ambient Network

至於那些沒有建議build network的staff-plus的人 他們也會提到creating ambient network of learning 比如說追蹤你們行業leader的社交帳戶(特別是twitter)

以下列出一些作者訪問的人 推薦的可以追隨的twitter帳號

Camille Fournier: 經理人之道的作者

Lara Hogan

Josh Wills

Vicki Boykis

Julia Grace

Holden Karau

John Allspaw

David Fowler

Orange Book

Sarah Catanzaro

Charity Majors

所以如果你對於前幾節所說的network還是感覺不自在 那麼追蹤這些名人的言論也是屬於正確道路的一種

Quality over quantity

這種network的質比量重要 跟那些你值得信賴的人深交 跟你互相尊敬的人深交 跟啟發你的人深交